Splatoon 2’s next European splatfest wants to know about your holiday plans

Just one day out of life, it would be so nice

After the nightmare that was Splatoon 2’s global civil war, the Switch shooter is choosing to take it a little easier with its next subject, originally datamined from the servers by crafty types.

Set to take place among Splatoon’s European community next week, the new splatfest asks what you prefer to do with your holiday time. Are you an outdoorsy, hiking type? or do you prefer to just hang back and put your feet up, grateful for the moments of peace and bliss you have so rightly earned?

It appears that Pearl will be backing Team Adventure, while Marina will be taking Team Chill Out. Again, I kind of think that the roles are a little reversed here, as Pearl seems to be far more likely to laze it out, while Marina is more the nature-loving exploration type.

Ehh, It’s all moot anyway, as no doubt whoever wins the public vote will lose out in the end, for that has become the order of things with splatfests this year. The holiday themed Splatfest is expected to go live next Saturday, August 18 at 14:00 CET. That weekend, Japan is also hosting it’s chocolate-themed splatfest, so hopefully we’ll have some news for U.S. fans soon.

Chris Moyse
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