Splatoon 2 is getting some big updates for the holidays

More hair styles, yay!

Do you like free DLC and Splatoon 2? You better, because Nintendo has a bunch of new DLC lined up for the holidays. Starting tomorrow (November 23), Splatoon 2 will receive a new stage for Salmon Run and a bunch of new gear and hairstyle options. New battle mode stages will also start coming on November 24, two of which seem to be based on a supermarket and a museum.

The second update (scheduled for mid-December) will add a brand new ranked game mode called “Clam Blitz.” This looks very similar to “Kill Confirmed” from Call of Duty in that you’ll earn clams for splatting other players and you’ll need to bank them at a goal to score points. It should cater to the more hardcore crowd of players that want a more traditional approach to their shooters.

All this stuff looks pretty great, to me. I’m a big fan of the ranked modes in Splatoon simply because it can get a little boring just painting everything. Having the option to mix it up with “King of the Hill” or “Domination” has kept me more interested in 2 than if I just stayed with the basic mode. So, I’m all for more stages and new stuff! That mohawk looks sick, too.

Nintendo of America [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.