Splatoon 2 is getting a new ranked mode centered around teams

‘League Battle’

Glixel had a chance to sit down with the development team for Splatoon 2 and clear up a few eSports related topics.

For one, the game will be getting a brand new competitive mode called “League Battle,” which focuses on groups of two or four. Over a two hour period you’ll be battling it out with other teams for points, and at the end a giant leaderboard will be posted. It’s kind of like the Trials of Osiris mode in Destiny.

According to the team Salmon Run (the new co-op horde mode) is “intentionally” difficult, to appease folks who want to have more of a local experience this time around that expands beyond the campaign. There will be an online rendition of Salmon Run though, you just need to get level 4 online before you unlock it.

The interview has a few other interesting tidbits like how the developers worked around a voice chat requirement with signals and pings (like many popular MOBAs) and the fact that Salmon Run is built around not having voice chat.

After months of talk of Splatoon 2 but very little in the way of specifics, I’m ready to just dive into it headfirst.

‘Splatoon 2’ Makers on Esports and Why the New Salmon Run Co-Op Mode is so Hard [Glixel]

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