Splash Damage’s team-based shooter Dirty Bomb hits Steam

It’s still in beta!

Huh. It feels like literal years have passed since I last paid much attention to Dirty Bomb, the free-to-play, class-oriented, multiplayer first-person shooter from Brink developer Splash Damage. It’s still around. Stranger yet, it’s only now available in open beta on Steam. Take a peek.

Dirty Bomb is set in a near-future London that’s taken a beating, leaving the city largely abandoned and open for private military companies to swoop in. No one cares about radiation poisoning when there’s a payday involved, apparently. CEO Paul Wedgwood describes it as the studio’s “first fully owned IP on PC, and that has allowed us to make exactly the game we wanted.”

There are 12 classes (Mercs) in total, but they’re available on a rotation unless you pay up. Tomorrow, it’ll be Kira, Sawbonez (lol), and Fragger. The combat medic Aura and fire-support specialist Skyhammer will always be playable for free, however, regardless of the current rotation. For modes, there’s two to start, and both are objective-based. I like the sound of that.

Dirty Bomb [Steam]

Nothing against Dirty Bomb and its ilk, but dang if the aesthetic isn’t jarring coming off of Splatoon.

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