Spike Lee urges 2K Sports to do the right thing

Samit hat is go!

I suppose I can reasonably say I have interest in the video below because Spike Lee is a filmmaker and I like movies. It’s a well known fact that no matter how piss poorly the Knicks are doing Spike Lee is courtside cheering them on — or attempting to coach the team. So how does he feel about Kobe Bryant landing the cover of NBA 2K10? Well, I’m sure he’s fine with it, but he of course has some suggestions that lean more towards his favorite team.

If you’re into sports, or even just know the very basics of the basketball season, this is pretty clever. I’m just wondering if enough of the country votes for Kobe in a Knicks jersey if they’ll actually go through with it. I think that might be taking it one step too far. I was just in LA and saw what the Lakers fans are like; we don’t need any riots caused by videogames. What if Germany heard about that?

Matthew Razak