Spiders jumping at snakes: Deadly Creatures screens surface

Yesterday, we revealed a curious new Wii title known as Deadly Creatures, a game that promises to weave a compelling story around an armored scorpion and “stealthy” tarantula. It also promises the best looking graphics yet seen on the Wii, and judging from the screenshots … well, they’re almost living up to it.

These early screens are actually not half bad, and I guess this means publisher THQ is serious about bringing the game to players who have long since dreamed of using a venomous arachnid to blow up a gas station. Yes, apparently that’s the goal of the game. 

Yesterday I was highly skeptical, today I’m tentatively hopeful. Stranger games have happened, and if Rainbow Studios can truly make a good game out of this, then I will have to prostrate myself before greatness.

Jim Sterling