Spider-Man’s web of DLC stretches out through the end of the year

Spend the autumn in the Big Apple

Spider-Man releases in September (next week, in fact!) but there will be more new Spider-Man in October, November, and December. Developer Insomniac Games has outlined Spidey’s DLC schedule, and its three add-ons swing out through the end of 2018.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac introduces the “City that Never Sleeps” season pass. It’s a $25 collection of DLC chapters. They are: The Heist (which releases on October 23), Turf Wars (which releases in November 2018), and Silver Lining (which releases in December 2018). Individually, they’ll sell for $10.

The Heist is the only add-on that has been somewhat detailed. It introduces Black Cat after the main game spends some side missions teasing her appearance. The Heist also has a new faction of enemies, and makes three suits available for Spider-Man to unlock.

As my own Spider-Man add-on gift to you, I present the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. It’s the perfect slice of early 2000s music with 100 percent less Linkin Park than you’d expect.

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