Spider-Man’s high-flying launch trailer lets the pros do all the fighting

The neighborhood’s not always friendly

Early into the one-minute gameplay launch trailer for Spider-Man, a costume-clad Peter Parker urges a local youth to “leave the fighting to the pros.” Most of the rest of the 60 seconds are spent with Spider-Man clashing against the likes of a man dressed as a rhinoceros and a man dressed as a scorpion. The pros sure are quirky.

Action is what we’re here for though, and this trailer does not disappoint. Amid the one-line quips and the quick cuts, there’s a lot of adrenaline-pumping bustle. It’s not just a bunch of punching, either. At one point, Spider-Man web-slings a helicopter straight into the concrete. That whirly bird is grounded.

Spider-Man launches on September 7 on PlayStation 4. Someone once said Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting. This year, most of September’s alright for fighting. As long as you’re a pro, that is.

Brett Makedonski
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