Spider-Man: WoS launch trailer reminds of the Spider-Man 3 movie, in a bad way

Here we have the launch trailer for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and … whoa whoa whoa! What’s up with the emo-ness in this trailer? Oh man, it’s like I’m watching Spider-Man 3 again. Oh God, not again!!!

Sure, the trailer is a bit melodramatic, but it really sets the mood for the game. Heroes and villains alike get infected with the Symbiote and it’s Peter Parker against all these odds, more or less by himself. Not to mention that he has to keep his own Symbiote in check too.

I have high hopes that this will finally be a Spider-Man game Spider-Man fans have been waiting for, especially after reading Dale’s preview of the current-gen and Nintendo DS versions of the game. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows comes out October 21 for pretty much every platform that still matters.

Also, so long as there’s no random retarded dancing-on-the-streets-and-freaking-out-women scene in the game, I’ll be happy. Are you looking forward to the game?

Hamza Aziz