This Kermit the Frog mod for Spider-Man PC fits so well

Spider-Man Kermit mod

The poses are picture-perfect

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I expected to be buried under an avalanche of silly mods for the PC release of Spider-Man, but this Spider-Man Kermit mod is something else.

Located here on Nexus Mods from its creator TangoTeds, it’s basically a reskin of Peter Parker, utilizing the “Advanced Suit” (with the battle focus ability, which regenerates focus as its active) as a piggyback for the skin. TangoTeds even jokes in the mod description: “That’s it. You can go now. There’s surely other mods you’d want instead, right?”

Nope! I think I’m in the right place — and with 12,000 views in just over a day, I think a bunch of other folks are too. That includes the below Twitter video from Devil Artemis Animation, who shows off the mod in action. The way Kermit’s ragdoll felt physics interact with the game feels natural, like it was a legit April Fool’s skin added by Sony.

As I’ve said many times in the past, skin unlocks (especially official ones that go above and beyond with new animations and sound effects) are my jam. It was one of my favorite aspects of playing action games back in the day before DLC took over, to be able to naturally unlock something as a result of clearing a specific difficulty. PC modding has always made things easier on that front, and with the proliferation of social media and visibility, that aspect of gaming is still alive, at least, on a wider scale.

Spider-Man Kermit mod footage:

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