Spider-Man on PS5 is getting PS4 save exports after all

No need to start all over

Next-gen webslingers won’t have to save New York City all over again. Insomniac Games has done a 180-degree reversal on its approach to Spider-Man save data.

Back in September, we were told that Spider-Man saves from PS4 would not be compatible with the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Remastered. Players would have to start over, unable to retain any progress from last-gen.

Now, Insomniac has informed us that Spider-Man: Remastered actually will get save exports:

It’s not quite going to be ready for the PS5 and Spider-Man: Remastered + Miles Morales‘ launch on November 12. Instead, it’s coming a couple weeks later, sometime around Thanksgiving (which is November 26). That update will also bring three new suits from Remastered over to the PS4 version.

That’s some good news for people who want their powered-up Spidey swinging through a higher-fidelity Manhattan. It’s some great news for trophy hunters, assuming that the Platinum stacks. And, for anyone who wants to start anew and has no interest in exporting their save, it’s non-news.

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