Spider-Man 2: How to simplify puzzles

You don’t have to be puzzled if you don’t want to.

Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2.

To break up the combat and excitement, Spider-Man 2 features plenty of puzzles. They are of varying difficulty, but some players may not want to deal with this kind of frustrating roadblock. Insomniac’s got your back because you can simplify the puzzles, and this guide will show you how.

Puzzle in Spider-Man 2.
Screenshot by Destructoid.

How to simplify puzzles in Spider-Man 2

To simplify the puzzles in Spider-Man 2, press the Options button on the Dualsense. Next, enter Settings, then scroll down to the Accessibility options. Here, scroll down to Gameplay Assists where you’ll find the Simplify Puzzles option. Turn it on and the puzzles you encounter will have reduced complexity.

Simplifying puzzles will not prevent you from 100% completing the game, nor will it stop you from unlocking the platinum trophy. The option is merely there to help players through the puzzle sections which can be fun but aren’t central to the game.

Thanks to the vast accessibility options present, you can adjust separate aspects of gameplay to create the challenge you want. If combat is what’s giving you trouble, there is the option to slow down gameplay, giving you more time to anticipate attacks and strike back.

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