Spice & Wolf VR brings headpats to PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch this summer

Charmingly weird VR title coming to Switch

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Developers Spicy Tails and Gemdrops have added the Nintendo Switch to the handful of platforms that will receive the Virtual Reality “experience” based upon quaint manga Spice & Wolf.

Spice & Wolf VR was created as the result of two separate crowdfunding campaigns, which will see players step into the boots of series of a local peddler, as they hang out in a remote watermill with wolf goddess Holo. The scenarios and in-game dialogue will be written by Spice & Wolf’s creator/author, Isuna Hasekura.

According to the developer, players will be able to interact with Holo – including the all-important “head-pat” ability – as well as various items around the cottage. The Nintendo Switch edition will utilise the VR Labo kit. The developer did note, however, that the interactivity options will be limited in the Switch, Oculus Go and non-VR PC port.

Spice & Wolf VR launches on PC for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive June 3. The PS4 and Nintendo Switch ports will follow later this summer.

Spice & Wolf VR coming to PS4, PC and Switch this summer [Gematsu / PR Times]

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