Spencer won’t be surprised if a future Fable uses Natal

It wouldn’t surprise Phil Spencer (or Brad Nicholson) if Lionhead Studios integrated Project Natal support into a future iteration of the Fable series. In a recent interview with Joystiq, the Microsoft VP lauded Lionhead Studios for its innovation, in particular with the move to make Fable 2 episodic. As a natural piece of Spencer’s thought train, the important-sounding man added that it wouldn’t “surprise” him if Lionhead took that innovation, used Natal, and dropped motion controls into a future Fable title.

“You know,” Spencer said, “Lionhead’s been a real innovation studio for us. We have the release of Fable 2 episodic this week, where they’re taking Fable 2 and breaking it up into chunks, allowing people to buy the content at their pace. Fable 2, I thought, was a great release, with the orbs they added with Live, adding new functionality to the franchise. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Natal found its way into future iterations of Fable.”

Fable 3
was announced by MGS Europe head honcho and still-Lionhead Studio’ boss Peter Molyneux at gamescom 2009. He talked for a long time about several different things related to the game, but one little bit sticks out in our mind: he wants to drop a dated Fable mechanic. Considering it’s Molyneux, we immediately guessed he was referring to the controller. We’ll have to see, obviously, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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