Spelunker sells us on 3D Dot Game Heroes

Adorable “OMG Zelda” RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes features a cameo from legendary hole-digger Spelunker, and he seems quite excited to be in the game. From Software has been releasing a series of Japanese videos featuring Spelunker, where he tells us all about the retrotastic new game. He’s talking in Moonspeak of course, but that doesn’t matter. He’s just fun to look at.

From Software is a studio that did a complete 180 in my estimation. When I played Ninja Blade, I honestly thought From was a load of crap, because I hadn’t played such a derivative, unimaginative, mediocre game in ages. Then I played Demon’s Souls from the same studio, and became utterly enchanted. With From having proven its prowess as an RPG developer, I have incredibly high hopes for 3D Dot Game Heroes.

It’s out in Japan in a few weeks time. We’re crossing our fingers that a Western release will be announced soon.

James Stephanie Sterling