Spelunker Party! heads to Switch and PC on October 19

These games intimidate me

Apologies to any and all of you who excitedly read that as Spelunky instead of Spelunker.

Square Enix is bringing Spelunker Party! to Nintendo Switch in the West next month, and you know what? I think this might be my first crack at one of these games. The journey to the center of the Earth is littered with traps, bugs, and even ghosts, but you can explore with up to three friends either online or in split-screen. And pets! Cats, dogs, and other critters can tag along with you as well.

It’s wild to think that Spelunker originally dates back to the ’80s. I missed playing the PlayStation 3 remake, Spelunker HD, and also skipped the more recent entry, the free-to-play Spelunker World.

Spelunker Party! is lined up for an October 19 launch on the Switch eShop and PC in North America and Europe, and will cost $30. At that price, I’ll definitely be checking out the Switch demo on Oct. 7.

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