Spelunker HD hits PlayStation Network today

Nick and I saw Spelunker in Tokyo two years ago. What took so long? 

This remake of the 1983 platformer is finally hitting PSN today. This reimagining comes with lovely new 3D graphics, 100 new game levels, and both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes for up to six players. In Japan, where it first launched, Spelunker HD received a PlayStation Network Top Sales Award. Fancy.

From what I could gather from my time with it, you play as a hilariously weak guy that goes deep into caves, platform style, trying to work past ridiculous obstacles. The thing I remember most is that you die often. This is not a forgiving game, though I think it’s perfect for those that like a good challenge. 

Spelunker HD launches today (November 23) on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

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