Speedrunning marathon Summer Games Done Quick starts today, watch it here

Gotta, you know, go fast

Starting Sunday, some of the world’s most talented speedrunners will participate in Summer Games Done Quick. Over the course of seven days, they’ll complete more than 120 different games, all while raising money for a charitable cause. The marathon starts with a quick pre-show before transitioning into the actual speedruns.

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through SGDQ’s schedule without finding a handful of runs worth getting excited about. The event kicks off with a one-handed playthrough of NieR: Automata‘s Ending A by halfcoordinated and doesn’t stop until Ultimoice closes the event out with a glitchless run of EarthBound

In addition to the bookend runs, classics like Ape Escape, Silent Hill 2, and Chrono Trigger are always worth watching. The event also features some newer or otherwise lesser-known games, like Hollow Knight and Superhot

You can watch the week-long marathon on Games Done Quick’s Twitch channel, or through the embedded video player below. Tune in, watch some runs, and prepare to feel like you’re absolutely terrible at video games for a few days. Hey, at least it’s for charity.

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on www.twitch.tv

Ray Porreca
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