Speedrunner sets new world record with New Super Mario Bros. collecting no power-ups in the process

Sometimes I’ll play an ‘avoid the power-ups’ minigame

Mario games are pretty fun to speedrun. They generally take almost no time to get started (the one in this very article only takes 35 seconds for the opening cutscene to end), and allow for a large degree of freedom — 2D or 3D — in how you approach them.

That’s fairly obvious with this new run by MyLittleWalrus, who speeds through New Super Mario Bros. in just 30 minutes and 37 seconds. If you ever wanted to see the entire game from start to finish but never got around to it, now’s your chance.

The thing is, he did it without picking up any power-ups, allowing him to set the new world record “Low %” run by nearly an entire minute. That also means he can’t get hit as he stays in small Mario form the entire game, and only dies when he needs to, to save a few precious seconds skipping ahead with tricks like checkpoint triggering and warping.

Well done!

New Super Mario Bros. [Speedrun.com]

Chris Carter
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