Speculation: Diablo 3 fan site has a countdown

Speculation, rumor and more speculation: welcome, you’ve arrived at the internet. There are several great mythical beasts here in the gaming sector, and throned right next to the next gen remake of Final Fantasy VII is the announcement of Diablo 3, which would surely set hundreds of thousands of fanboys furiously masturbating in unison. I might join them, in all honesty. The latter would make for pretty thrilling news.

This morning it was pointed out to me that the fansite Diablo3.com has actually added a countdown timer on the uppermost left corner of their site, which reads “The number of days until half the web links to Diablo3.com. But why???” Now normally, I would cast this aside as fan-generated excitement or rumor, but a few other mouths in the industry have spilled some mistaken glances onto things they should not have seen, so the timing of this mysterious countdown is most apt. I shudder with anticipation to think it, but….could this be the calm before Diablo 3 is announced?

Calm me down, people. My heart is going a mile a minute here.

[Thanks, Justin!]

Colette Bennett