Spector pleased with negative reviews

Despite claiming earlier this week that reviews “didn’t understandDisney Epic Mickey, designer Warren Spector also stated that he’s happy with the varying reviews for his game. According to Spector, he’d rather have split opinions than a boring list of 8/10 reviews. 

“I’ve never worked on a game that’s polarized people like this,” he states. “Literally, we’ve got a half dozen perfect scores and I’ve also gotten the lowest scores I’ve ever gotten on any game I’ve ever worked on. In a weird sort of way, I think that’s kind of cool. The fact that you’re making something that people feel that strongly about either way is way better to me in a weird sort of way.

“Of course you want everybody to think you made the best game ever, but if we were trending at something like an 8 out of 10? I’d probably have to kill myself. It’s kind of cool to polarise people in that way and have people feeling really passionate about it and talking a lot about it, I’m kind of jazzed about that.”

The game currently sits at 76% on Metacritic, which most publishers would consider a critical flop because they’re stupid. Whether it’s just saving face on Spector’s part, it’s cool that he’s not stamping his feet about it, which paints a slightly different picture to the one he was doodling in the very same interview.

‘Epic Mickey’ Creator Responds To The Angry Internets [MTV via CVG]

Jim Sterling