Spacepunk dungeon crawler StarCrawlers enters Early Access

They see me crawlin’… They hatin’…

Just over one year ago today, Juggernaut Games took its promising cyberpunk-in-space, first-person dungeon crawler StarCrawler to Kickstarter. Easily surpassing the $65,000 minimum goal necessary to fund the game, it eventually topped out at just over $100,000 and managed to hit several of its stretch goals before the crowdfunding campaign came to an end.

If you’re just hearing about it, StarCrawlers is described as “a modern take the a classic cRPG dungeon crawler set in a gritty spacepunk universe.” You’ll assemble a crew of “renegade adventurers on the fringes of space, taking jobs from megacorps to hunt bounties, sabotage rivals, and conduct corporate espionage.”

StarCrawlers enters Early Access today on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) and from what I’ve played, it’s a great deal of fun. Keep an eye out next week, as I’ll be posting a more in-depth preview on the current state of the Early Access version of the game.

    If you’re interested in picking it up, there’s a 25% off discount going on for the first week of launch which brings the price down to $14.99.

    Rob Morrow