Space Paranoids Online trailer may induce giddiness

I’m worried about Tron: Legacy. I want to believe in it because the alternative would only prematurely ruin the Tron franchise for me and I’d like to stave that off if at all possible. 

You know what I’m not worried about? The marketing for Tron: Legacy. It’s been really appealing so far and definitely aimed at the right audience. By which I mean myself. I’ve never been more jealous of San Diego Comic-Con attendees than I was upon hearing that there was a Flynn’s Arcade event at last year’s show, featuring a playable version of the previously fictional Space Paranoids game by the still fictional Kevin Flynn.

The above is a trailer for Space Paranoids Online, which may or may not be fictional. I’m hoping this is real because it looks hella fun to me. Yeah, I said hella.

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