Space opera DS RPG Infinite Space looks good

If anything is my “jam,” it’s the RPG space opera. These games usually have confusing plots that don’t make much sense in the end, but it’s all about the journey, right?

The new journey will be called Infinite Space, coming to Japanese DSes in June. MadWorld makers PlatinumGames will be releasing Infinite Space at home (Japan) first, though Siliconera says that the game slated for a worldwide release. 

In this RPG you’ll create a fleet of spaceships, pilot them, and work your way up the ranks to eventually become a captain for the fleet. Naturally, with this kind of setting there’s a story mode, but there’s also local wireless spaceship duels to be had. Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately the screenshots show us nothing in the way of game play yet. Just pretty pictures, heavy on the anime style. But I’m already digging the concept and the art, so we’ll mark this one down as one to look forward to.

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