Space for Sale looks like a fun sim about building homes on dangerous planets

Space for Sale

An out-of-this-world home makeover

Ever wanted to find a home on a distant planet? Well, Space for Sale will let you explore a planet and build one for others, even with a pal. Just be ready for a little risk and danger.

Space for Sale is a new building and management sim game from Mirage Game Studios, the makers of Little Big Workshop. Revealed at today’s THQ Nordic showcase, the goal of Space for Sale is to land on distant planets, spot good plots for new estates, and flip them for massive profit.

Of course, the local wildlife is not too keen on you turning their natural habitat into a trendy downtown district. As you build up, it looks like you’ll need to also keep an eye out for danger. The local flora and fauna can be tamed and researched though, eventually leading to breakthroughs on how to thrive in these biomes.

Building a new neighborhood

Space for Sale will let you explore procedurally generated landscapes, discovering natural resources to harvest and turn into estates. Establishing power lines and construction areas is important, as is satisfying the customers.

Drop-in, drop-out multiplayer will also make it easy for a friend to hop and help construct that new living area alongside you. Everything’s a bit easier to do with more hands, right?

Honestly, Space for Sale looks like a really fun time. I dig the mix of survival elements and home design, and having to build a nice little home in a world that actively wants you gone. Space for Sale seems ripe for co-op hijinx and plenty of goofs in trying to make some homes on a dangerous planet.

No firm date has been set yet, but Space for Sale is coming soon to PC. You can find the Steam store page here.

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