Space farming sim One Lonely Outpost hits Steam Early Access June 26

One Lonely Outpost Screenshot

Create your own celestial colony

Freedom Games announced today that their upcoming space farming simulator One Lonely Outpost will be heading to Steam Early Access on June 26. As intrepid pioneers, players will land on a curiously empty alien world with the goal of introducing some much-needed life to the barren planet.

As you introduce new flora and fauna to the ecosystem you will terraform the planet into a thriving space colony on a new galactic frontier. Similar to other farming sims, you will forge friendships and perhaps even find love while trying to perfect your farm.

Farm your own final frontier

Building an efficient space colony from the ground up isn’t easy. Alongside your trusty robotic pet, you will build up your outpost via exploration, crafting, farming, fishing, and more. It is your job to create a community to carry on humanity’s legacy.

It seems as though terraforming the planet won’t be easy, though. Players will have to overcome a variety of challenges along the way. Unbreathable air, inedible food, unfertilized ground, and inaccessible water sources are a few examples we have to look forward to.

One Lonely Outpost city screenshot
Image via Freedom Games

Space meets farming sim

One Lonely Outpost gives off Stardew Valley vibes of course. The cozy graphics look bright and vibrant. Like Stardew Valley, it looks as though the many ways of farming the lands available to you will be simple to learn but difficult to master. Furthermore, the ability to forge meaningful relationships is reminiscent of the classic Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons games. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what crazy sci-fi creatures there are for me to domesticate and build my farm around.

Even though the game will be launching into early access exclusively on PC via Steam, the 1.0 version of the game will release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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