Space Channel 5 VR: Arakata Dancing Show coming to HTC Vive

Left, Chu, Right, Chu, Chu-Chu-Chu

This weekend at Topikagi, part of the Japan Amusement Expo 2018, players were able to tag-up with the fabulous go-go boots of futuristic news reporter Ulala, as funkadelic franchise Space Channel 5 made a long-awaited return, now in VR form!

Space Channel 5 VR: Arakata Dancing Show is a project currently in development from G-Rounding Inc. The demo allows players to join Ulala on a standard Space Channel 5 mission. Armed with just sweet steps and a “Chu” gun, players must match the swinging reporter move-for-move in order to take out the invading Morolians. Sounds knackering.

The new game is a redesigned version of a VR tech demo released back in 2016. Back then, the game had was more a passive “experience” than a game. It appears that the former Ukiuki Viewing Show is having these interactive elements added to reshape it into Arakata Dancing Show.

The current demo is built for HTC Vive units, and is expected to tour VR-equipped locations throughout Japan while development continues. Plans are to release a full downloadable title within the year, but there is little info on a specific date, price, or whether the game will be made available on other VR platforms.

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