Southpeak now taking the piss, releases even more X-Blades screens

After our last X-Blades post, where I more or less begged Southpeak to stop sending pictures, I actually got an email from one of the company’s reps promising that no more screens would be heading our way.

Here are some new X-Blades screens for you, fresh from Southpeak.

God f*cking damn it.

I now believe I have seen more pictures of X-Blades than I have of pornography, but that’s hard to tell since these screens always feature so much bare arsecheek. Either way, I’ll continue to take part in Southpeak’s grisly dance and inform you that the latest screens show off some new weaponry, as well as a pair of enemies, the Queen Spider and Ancient Six Winged. Details on all this stuff can be found after the jump.

This game is coming out next month, I can assure you that the screens will be over by then. At least, I tell myself they will.

X-Blades – More Spells and Beasts …

More Action from X-Blades, the fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments

Light Blades: The power of Light is just as strong as other powers. Perhaps more so? I can actually use the Power of Light to envelope both my blades and guns and use it to inflict awesome damage! I can’t get over how beautiful it looks…or how deadly it is. (Requirements: Lightform)

Ray Of Light: Hmm…this is Ray of Light is actually very impressive. This spell consists of a ray of glittering light that is hurled against an opponent. It explodes upon impact, dealing out damage points galore. I’ve seen it do incredible amounts of damage to creatures of the dark. It will be interesting to what else it can do. (Requirements: Light Blades)

The Queen Spider: The Queen Spider is able to control her offspring. Covered in armor and gifted in the use of magic, she guards the upper floors of the castle. Apart from the spiders, which block the way to the Queen, small creatures that are invulnerable to magic attacks, to which the Queen is particularly vulnerable, surround her.

The Ancient Six-Winged: The oldest living Six-winged has been hiding in cliffs, where his only friends were the little Pangos, which used to share their food with him. They protect him desperately during attacks, so you can only hurt the Ancient Six-winged after freezing the Pangos. He prefers to attack his opponents from a distance due to his extreme sensitivity to heat. He is, of course, vulnerable to light and Fire magic.

Jim Sterling