SouthPeak goes NY Comic Con crazy, bringing X-Blades, Velvet Assassin, and more

Hey, didn’t you hear? New York Comic Con is the new E3! Or is the new E3 the new E3? I don’t know anymore; I’m so confused. 

But whatever the case is, New York Comic Con is going to be pretty big for gaming this year, and the event starts this week. We’ll be there, and so will SouthPeak Games, who have announced today they’ll be unleashing a slew of titles to the public. 

Located at Booth 1349, SouthSpeak will be showing off X-Blades, Velvet Assassin, Roogoo Attack! (Nintendo DS), Roogoo Twisted Towers, and first-person sci-fi squad-based space-shooter Section 8. (Yes, I was trying to use as many hyphens as I could.) 

In addition to the game’s Melinda Cohen, the model and in-game voice talent for Velvet Assasin‘s Violette Summer will be on hand. For those who attended PAX last year, you might remember Melinda from GameCock’s booth — she was the one wearing leather and carrying a gun. Shawn Smith, creator of Ninja Town, will also be there and it’s unlikely that he will be wearing leather or carrying a gun. 

Other cool stuff? An X-Blades tournament, where gamers can compete to win a rare figurine of the game’s main character, Ayumi. No word on how little clothing the figure will be wearing. 

Nick Chester