South Park XBLA game gets a genre, still ten years late

Announced at this year’s E3 as an Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive, some details on Doublesix Games’ South Park title have been revealed. Well, two details at least. 

According to a listing on, the South Park XBLA game will be a strategy game. While I’m not sure how that’s going to work, it’s good to hear that it won’t be a party game, a kart game, or — God forbid — another first-person shooter game. It’s also listed as being published by Xbox LIVE Productions, Microsoft’s internal first-party “publisher” for Xbox LIVE content. 

As someone who hasn’t watched a single new episode of South Park is close to eight years, I’m a bit confused as to why Microsoft is deciding to push this game now of all times. Is anyone really still interested in playing a South Park game? Are we still laughing at this stuff?

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

Nick Chester