South African group wants games and music banned

Another day, another country trying to use violence as an excuse to restrict the freedom of media. Today we have South Africa, the country where racism was invented, falling prey to the “ban this sick filth” hysteria following a samurai sword killing.

A 16-year old was murdered by his schoolmate, who allegedly committed the crime while dressed as Slipknot’s Joey Jordison. This was enough for South Africa’s Family Policy Institute to petition the government, asking that “violent” videogames and music with “violent” lyrics be pulled from shelves “pending the outcome of the investigation.” 

Although FPI spokesman Errol Naidoo admitted that the banning of said material would not guarantee an end of violent behavior, he suggested it would be an added “peace of mind” to families. 

It’s good that one of these anti-media folks just admitted that the only reason they want stuff banned is to feel personally better about things. You don’t get Jack Thompson shedding the pretense so easily. Nevertheless, this is yet another stupid videogame controversy from another stupid reactionary group. And seriously, banning CDs? Get with the times South Africa, that sh*t got old in 1995!

Jim Sterling