Sources detail new ‘back to its roots’ SSX

You know what they say: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Rumors of a new SSX have been floating around long enough that it seems inevitable that Electronic Arts is cooking up something.

These latest rumors come from Kotaku, whose sources say that Skate developer EA Canada is currently working on the title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unsurprisingly, the new game is said to feature Skate-style right analog stick for trick controls.

The source also says that the game will take the series “back to its roots.” A leaked survey from earlier in the year detailed a snowboarding title (not identified as SSX, however, keep in mind) that would be “an intense, moment-to-moment battle against the forces created from riding your snowboard over the most spectacular and remote mountains on Earth.” The same survey mentioned gameplay that would have players “avoiding, out-running and even riding on top of massive avalanches; battling hurricane wings; white-outs; bitter cold; falling rocks; and gaping crevasses that open up at a moment’s notice.”

Even further, the leak suggested all manner of activities outside of snowboarding include: helicopter drops and rescues, base-jumping, wingsuit/squirrel-suit flying, para-skiing, ice-climbing, and skyboarding.

EA is set to reveal at least one game at this weekend’s Spike Video Game Awards, which is teased with its “The Planet” trailer some time back. Some have speculated that the clip was teasing a new SSX, with its snow-capped mountains and icy storm.

I’m definitely one of the first people to hop on the “give me another SSX” train, so these rumors definitely have me intrigued. It all sounds a bit like a darker, harsher version of SSX 3, which probably stands as one of my favorite games… ever. Crossing my fingers we hear more soon, because a “true” SSX title is long overdue.

The Next SSX: What We’ve Heard So Far [Kotaku]

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