Soundodger+ brings musical bullet hell to Steam on Friday

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Eleven new tracks added for Steam version

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Soundodger is a free online game that released on Adult Swim earlier this year. In it, you control a small white circle, trying to avoid a deluge of shapes spilling at you from all angles, set to music by a handful of great artists. Think Geometry Wars 2 Pacifism mode, but with no explosive gates and slightly less malicious enemies.

This Friday, an updated version releases on Steam as Soundodger+. The new version features 23 tracks total, including songs by Austin Wintory (Monaco), Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy), Disasterpiece (Fez), and Lifeformed (Dustforce). In addition, it allows for procedural generation or full custom creation of levels with any music, opening the bullet hell up to your entire audio library, a la Audiosurf or Beat Hazard. The full official track list is below.

Anoctave – Frog of Lore
Austin Wintory – Lost Age
Bean – Senioritis
Bean – Sixteen & Dangerous
Bean – Solvalou
Bill Kiley – Foxtail Socks
Bill Kiley – Glowing Cubes
Bill Kiley – Rake Leaves Into Piles
Bill Kiley – Ye Olde Future
Chelsea Howe – A Walk In The Park
D. Wight – Outside Wars
D. Wight – Waves From Nothing
Danny Baranowsky – Kirkhope
Delasaurus – Fields & Reaches
Disasterpeace – Daisy Wheel
Ghost Kollective – Dummy (Radio Edit)
Lifeformed – Chloroplast Skin
Lifeformed – Forgotten Tea
Louis Gorenfeld – MIDI Murder Box
Mike Forst – I Do, What I Want
Mike Forst – Katapult
North Base – Overdose
Sonic – Distant Stars

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