SoulCalibur V soundtrack: top talent from US and Japan

The SoulCalibur series has always been known for its epic orchestral soundtracks, but SoulCalibur V will feature something entirely new to the series: an East-meets-West collaboration of composers. There are some big names working on the title including Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, countless eroge titles), Cris Velasco (God of War, Darksiders), Inon Zur (Dragon Age, Crysis), and Andrew “zircon” Aversa of OverClocked ReMix fame along with franchise veteran Junichi Nakatsuru who’s acting as audio director and has worked on every Soulcalibur title to date.

As it turns out, all of these artists belong to a group known as Creative Intelligence Artists (or CIA), headed by violin virtuoso Hiroaki Yura who also happened to found the Eminence Symphony Orchestra who will also be featured extensively on the soundtrack. You can hit up the official Eminence Store website to hear streaming samples from each composer and for ordering information. The limited edition they’re offering ships on January 31, 2012 and includes 3 CDs and a single DVD with “behind the scenes” footage. Namco Bandai is also including a single disc soundtrack with their collector’s editions in both North America and Europe.

Are you looking forward to SoulCalibur V, and do the soundtracks for the series really do anything for you?

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