Soul Calibur Legends footage: can we dress Taki as a cod?

That clip up there is some newly released footage for Namco-Bandai’s Soul Calibur Legends, the adventure game offshoot of their very successful weapons-based fighting series. I don’t think anyone should ever judge a game before they’ve actually played it, but I’m also a terrible liar, so I have to say I was quite underwhelmed by that clip. 

It seem that the devs behind SC Legends tried their hardest to ape God of War, but were hamstrung by the higher-ups who forced them to put emphasis on the Soul Calibur characters. Fighting games allow for much more intimacy than adventure games, and when trying to recreate that feel in something like this, the entire thing seems disjointed; like a beautiful woman making out with a cardboard cutout of George Burns.

It remains to be seen if the Wiimote-enabled swordplay can save the title, but just based on that above footage *cue traditional gaming writer repetoire* the soul may have cooled quite considerably since its last outing. 

Ick. I feel so dirty …

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