Soul Calibur Legends coming to the Wii

 The good news is that the upcoming Wii title, Soul Calibur Legends, is not a collectible card game. The bad news is … well, there really isn’t that much bad news!

Based on the details over at 1up, Soul Calibur Legends (a third person action adventure) looks like it could be a shining beacon of hope on an unfortunately short list of compelling Wii titles (don’t hit me). While not much is known about the storyline, Namco Bandai has indicated that, while Seigfried will be a major player, old favorites and “new faces” will be playable.

Control wise the game will incorporate both the nunchuck and the Wiimote simultaneously. This will likely involve looking like an idiot in real life, but some sweet stuff is going to be happening on screen, as you learn new attacks and gain experience.

There are no screen shots of the game in action, but I’d venture to guess we’ll see something visually similar to Soul Calibur III. One thing it certainly won’t look like is the killer concept art/wallpaper 1up got their hands on.

Still excited? You should be. But a word of caution — the last time Namco Bandai tried to pull a stunt like this, it accidentally released Death By Degrees (starring Nina from Tekken). My stomach turns just thinking about, and I’d prefer if we don’t mention that again.

Nick Chester