Soul Calibur IV dated and priced, plus in game footage of Darth Vader and Yoda

We’ve only been treated to CG footage so far, but now we finally get a quick glimpse of Yoda and Vader battling it out. It’s very short, but it’s probably enough to get all of you Star Wars and Soul Calibur fanatics excited in the pants area. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. We get a few seconds of the Star Wars legends fighting it out spliced in between CG footage we’ve seen before.

We do have some more good news though! Soul Calibur IV has been confirmed to be coming out July 29th here in America. There will also be a collectors edition of both versions of the games which will come with a comic that sets up Soul Calibur IV, extra customization content, and a tournament kit — whatever the hell that is. All this will come in a metallic casing and retail for $79.99.   

You know what? I’m tired of Darth Vader and Yoda! I want to see some new footage of Ivy and Taki fighting. Nakedly.  

[Thanks, Gynecologist Cobra!] 

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