Soul Calibur IV box art revealed: PS3 is Dark Side, Xbox 360 is light side

Is Namco Bandi trying to tell us something here with these Soul Calibur IV box arts? Is the PS3 the evil side and the Xbox 360 the good side? Who cares, they both look amazing. It works out really nicely too. Having Darth Vader accompanied by Nightmare and Ivy who are a couple of the evil characters from the game matches nicely on the normally black system. The same goes for Yoda who’s accompanied by Siegfried and newcomer Hilde as the light characters on the normally white system.

The box arts have popped up on GameStop’s Web site but it isn’t known for sure if these are the final versions. Hopefully it is as they’re both fantastic. Plus, they’re pretty similar to Soul Calibur 2’s box art variations so these could very well be the final versions, hopefully.

So the only question left to ask is which version are you getting: Sith or Jedi?  

[Via Kotaku

Hamza Aziz