Soul Calibur 4 adds maids, also panty shots

Much like the Juggernaut, Destructoid has the power to justify its actions by simply saying our name. We’re Destructoid, bitch, and that’s why we’re bringing you the latest in Soul Calibur 4 panty shots.

Make a game with huge floppy mammaries and you’ve got the attention of the pervy country of Japan. Add in maid uniforms as downloadable content, and you’ll have the love of Japan’s game playing public. Throw in a character creator option, and you’ll start a nationwide nosebleed.

One Japanese blog shares their love in a Not Safe For Work photoshoot of these new costumes … and undergarments. The first few seemed innocent enough, but they progressively get worse, up until the pre-positioned leg spread fap-ready layout at the end. 

We love you, Japan.

Again, NSFW.

[Via Gemaga]

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