Sorry America and Europe, no Diablo III microtransactions for you

It’s probably for the best

Blizzard has revealed that their upcoming 2.2.0 patch for Diablo III will include microtransactions. However there’s a catch: It won’t apply to the Americas or EU regions. So, I guess that leaves everyone else to milk that Diablo cow dry.

Here’s what the respective community managers had to say:

… some new features may start to show up in data mined information for patch 2.2.0 that will not apply to all regions. Specifically, the following features will not apply to the Americas (and Europe): A new currency called “Platinum”

  • Timed experience boosts
  • New cosmetic items including wings, non-combat pets, and character portraits
  • References to stash space and character slot expansions
  • A new UI interface that references the above information

While the above features will not apply to this region, players will still benefit from some of the quality of life perks tied to these additions, such as a streamlined UI for selecting cosmetic benefits like pets and Collector’s Edition wings.

Furthermore, the community managers said that Blizzard has “no immediate plans to implement such purchases anytime soon” for both the Americas region and Europe.

So, this is a good thing, right? I would think most of us despise the whole practice anyway. We’ll just have to see how long these microtransaction embargoes actually last.

Patch 2.2.0 Features and Data Mining []

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