Sony’s timed PS4 exclusivity for Call of Duty has been reduced from one month to a week for Black Ops 4


For years Xbox was the defacto platform for Call of Duty, thanks to timed exclusivity deals that allowed Microsoft to gain early access to DLC packs — until it wasn’t. In 2015 the tables turned: Sony snatched the rights from the jaws of defeat and have been riding high ever since, re-configuring the PS4 as a destination for shooters with other deals like one-year Destiny 2 content exclusivity.

It’s going to be a little less annoying though with Black Ops 4. As announced by Activision, Sony only has a seven day lead for DLC now — not a full month, as has traditionally been the case. It’s odd, as Sony has been pumping up their support for Call of Duty over the years, hosting the World Championship at the last XP event.

Naturally Activision is presenting this news like nothing has changed, and the three-week difference doesn’t exist, but there’s probably more to the story here that’s locked away under a Moria of NDAs.

Black Ops 4 Post-Launch Support First Details; New Content 7 Days Early on PS4 [Activision]

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