Sony’s PSN Golden Week deals are basically another flash sale

Persona 4 Golden discounted for the 3000th time

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It’s Golden Week (an economic holiday) over in Japan, and seeing as it’s a Japanese company, Sony typically partakes in the festivities. This year isn’t any different as it’s holding a Golden Week sale.

As always Persona 4 Golden is dirt cheap ($9 with PS+), so if you have a Vita and somehow don’t have it already, go get it. There’s also some other major deals in terms of newer releases like Final Fantasy XV ($36 with Plus), and NieR: Automata ($42 with Plus).

It’s times like these that I wish most of the PS3 library (or titles that were restricted to the PS3 like PSOne Classics) worked on PS4. When Microsoft holds a big sale I can usually go hog wild knowing that almost everything will work on the Xbox One — so when Suikoden II is $3 this week and it only works on PS3 and Vita, it bums me out.

Golden Week [PSN]

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