Sony’s PS4 cross-play feature is ‘out of beta,’ which hopefully means more support

‘PlayStation is the best way to play’

Sony is in a precarious spot with full all-console cross-play. Very few games support it (basically Fortnite, Rocket League and Dauntless, which are all Epic-hosted or Epic-owned, as well as PUBG), and even fewer projects are confirmed to support it on the horizon. But with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coming up next month, that outlook could change.

As reported by Wired, Sony has now taken the cross-play feature “out of beta.” The publisher isn’t officially announcing this (oddly), but it seems as if the door could be cracked open for games like Elder Scrolls: Legends, which Bethesda will not put on a Sony platform unless full cross-play is supported. Chucklefish’s CEO, among other indie developers, have also chided Sony for the closed garden approach that Microsoft took in previous generations.

Sony needs to prepare for the incoming next-gen war, and actually supporting cross-play is a good start. Microsoft could easily turn things around with a killer Project Scarlett E3, and Nintendo is steadily earning its fans back with the Switch and Switch Lite (and possibly a Switch Pro).

PlayStation Doubles Down on Cloud Gaming Starting … Now [Wired]

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