Sony’s PR man wants to educate you

As far as Dave Karraker, the man behind the media curtain at Sony is concerned, all the bad publicity that Sony has faced is all just one big misunderstanding on our part. Luckily for you, he’s ready to fill those educational gaps you’ve acquired, for a cool $600 or so.

During a “shoot the bull” session with Gamepro, Karraker was quick to point out that  a)The media doesn’t play fair, and  b)The PS3 really is a bargain.  

More of the Sony spindoctor, after the jump.

You see, it’s all a matter of perspective, says Karraker

I am confounded by people who say they are true gamers but all they do is look for the negatives in a system, or a company, or in the industry in general. Some media, in particular, are just too easily caught up in all the bashing. It feeds on itself, and to what end? How do you benefit the real gamer by bashing on something? These are very smart people who can see through most of the BS.

A lot of the perceptions are not justified and seem fueled by people who don’t have all the facts or have some kind of axe to grind. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t say PS3 is an amazing piece of technology. Yeah, the price of PS3 is higher than other system, but look at what you get – the Cell processor, Blu-ray Disc, built-in hard drive, HDMI 1080p, Wi-Fi, the SixAxis. That is a lot of truly cutting-edge technology in one box.

Now before you get all teary eyed and make a bee-line to the shady part of town to sell a kidney in the hopes of raising enough cash for the goodies, keep in mind that all he is doing is giving the PStriple the good old PR spin by focusing on what the Blu-ray player could be in the future. Trouble is, we all live in the present, so dropping that kind of cash for a system that has nothing at the moment game-wise to set it apart from the pack isn’t all that attractive .

I hate to sound like Captain Obvious here, but what Sony needs to focus on is bowling us over with a series of great games — a feat not seen since the PS2 days. The recent Gamer’s Day was certainly a step in the right direction, but it’s hardly enough to keep any momentum going.

The PS3 is going to take hits for its lavish price, but nothing makes that dollar amount sting less than knowing that you are dropping loot on a machine that offers an experience you can’t find anywhere else. With the news that highly anticipated titles are either going multi-platform or have been pushed back to later dates, the PS3 is looking more and more like an expensive condo with no tenants.

With all due respect to Dave (I’m sure he’s a great guy), maybe it would be wiser to focus that educational spin internally to Sony, since customers already know what they want in a game machine. The ball is in Sony’s court, and it’s up to them to give us a multitude of reasons to part with that hard-earned dollar. If the games are that compelling and the PS3 is as great as Sony wants us to believe it is, then we need to start seeing the magic sooner, rather than later.

[Via Gamepro]