Sony’s PlayStation Portable turns five

Sony is celebrating the five-year anniversary of the PlayStation Portable launch in North America today; the handheld originally shipped to stores on March 24, 2005.

Some stats for you: over 245 developers have made software for the PSP since launch, with more than 520 games currently available. In addition, there are currently 300 or so titles available on the PlayStation Network, including PSP Mini games and PS One classic titles. It was also licked, at least once, by IGN’s Jessica Chobot.

Sony also mentions the near-yearly iterations of the console since launch — 2007 saw the release of the lighter PSP-2000; in 2008 the PSP-3000 with the “enhanced LCD screen” was released; and in 2009, the PSPgo, which dropped the UMD media format used only by the PSP, was unveiled. 

According to the National Network for Childcare, if the PSP was a human being, this would be the year where it would start using a fork and knife well, start fearing the dark and loud noises, and is able to memorize addresses and phone numbers.

Congratulations, PSP — you’ve come a long way!

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