Sony’s Peter Dille sees bleak future for HD-DVD; blasts 360’s ‘staying power’

In one of the strongest attacks on Microsoft we’ve seen yet, Sony’s VP of Marketing lashed out at the Xbox 360 and HD-DVD in one fell swoop during an E3 interview with Gamasutra. He started it off with a prediction that HD-DVD will be obsolete in just a few months, but it was the following quote that looks to be the real “money shot” of the interview:

“With the Xbox 360 you’ve got an inconsistent design, some have a hard drive, some don’t, and none of them have Blu-Ray, and the HD-DVD will be out of business in a matter of months. Is this a ten-year product? And by the way it doesn’t even work. Do they want to be selling it for ten years and refurbishing them all for ten more years? I don’t think that’s a ten-year product. You could disagree with me, or they could disagree with me, but I’d put that up against the PS3 any day.”