Sony’s new Candy Blue DualShock 3, new charging station

Everyone’s trying to get that cool color of blue just right. I saw Microsoft’s attempt. I don’t think anyone bought one of those ugly controllers. Both the PSP and the Dualshock 3 had this really masculine dark blue color in the past, but that didn’t really pop. The new teal-ish 3DS blue is a little strong. For my tastes, the older DS Lite or PSP-3000 in that pale blue was really nice. I have both.

This new “Candy Blue” DualShock 3 controller is also really nice. Sony Japan sent out a press release today saying that they plan to release this new controller on April 21 for 5,500 yen (about $60). Sony says that this is the 8th color variation for their controller line. 

There’s also a totally new PlayStation product from Sony. The new DualShock 3 Charging Station will do exactly that — charge your DualShock 3 controllers. It holds two controllers, and charges from an electrical outlet. There’s a little adaptor that you connect to the controller that lets you easily dock it. A footnote in the release seems like it was added for stupid people; it says that you can still use the DualShock 3 with the adapter attached. This will cost 2,480 yen (less than $30) when it is released in Japan on April 21. Sony’s a little late to the game with this charger, but I’m glad they’re releasing it.

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