Sony’s Jim Ryan says to ‘expect more’ PlayStation acquisitions

PlayStation acquisitions

Oh really

More PlayStation acquisitions? Pretty soon the entire industry will just be owned by three companies, unchecked!

Yep, following the Bungie news reporter Christopher Dring spoke to Sony head honcho Jim Ryan, who noted that the Bungie deal had been in the works for “the past five or six months,” and wasn’t a reaction to Microsoft. It needed to be said, but it’s obvious these things take time!

But the following bit of info is more ominous and important. Dring says that Jim Ryan said to “expect more” PlayStation acquisitions beyond the Bungie news yesterday. Sony’s story is that they acquired Bungie to help make live-service multiplatform games, and hints at potential TV/movie projects for Bungie’s IP (so, Destiny). Bungie in turn stated that Sony “shares [their] dream and is committed to accelerating [their] creative vision of building generation-spanning entertainment.”

You can start with Destiny 2! The game has been removing (“sunsetting”) content for a while now and the expansions seemingly get smaller and smaller, content-wise, while the microtransactions pile up. While it’s clear that they have the technical knowhow to make impressive shooters (a few of the best ever made from that standpoint), they have a lot of room to grow from a leadership standpoint. And who knows? Maybe the cash injection will let them cool it on the microtransactions.

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