Sony will watch you with GPS PSP games

Sometime next year, Sony will release a GPS device to go along with the PSP. While funny voices and accurate directions has yet to be confirmed, the one thing that MTVMultiplayer found out was that Sony is looking for a few good developers to incorporate the device into games. Sony’s Marketing Manager, John Koller, recently commented on the development of a game that utilizes the upcoming GPS functions.

“There’s been a number of things that our first-party worldwide studios have looked at, and they’ve been trying to look at different options,” Koller stated before confirming that Sony will inevitably lead the charge for creating games with the GPS in mind. Perhaps we’ll see some neat scavenger hunt games out of this, or even some kind of loopy driving simulation. Although, there is something slightly scary about a videogame that knows where you are.

I have this “thing” about self-aware machines. Perhaps it was too much Terminator in my youth, but in my mind, any machine that knows where I am is comparable to Skynet. I don’t care if it can’t launch nukes, command a robot army, or successfully break the time-continuum. I’m telling you, GPS this is the next step before they take over. Pretty soon, we’ll be shooting laser guns in skull-laden playgrounds while a voice-over dictates our society’s woes. You watch.

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