Sony will live stream their E3 press conference

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For the first time ever, Sony will be streaming their E3 press conference for all of you to watch. I’m glad. I think they always put on a good show. Some times it’s funny (Kevin Butler), and other times it’s unintentionally funny (Riiiiiiddddgee Raaaccceerr!), but it’s always a good show. And this year will be a big one. They’re going to give us the full details on their new portable game system, codenamed NGP. My daydream is that they’ll call me up on stage to hand me the very first retail unit, and you all will be online to watch me receive it. 

You’ll need to visit the PlayStation Blog to check out the live stream, set to go down June 6th. The crew there will also be setting up a mini-studio at the PlayStation booth on the show floor, and they’ll be bringing you interviews from there. 

But for the real lowdown, stick with us here at Destructoid. We’ll be getting our hands on all the new games from Sony right after the press conference. I’ll be all up in that NGP business.

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